Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Prastav's Dance Class

Prastav, who has just completed his SLC, has taken on the task of teaching dance to the younger children.  This is his Saturday morning class in the new section of BFCC.  It is bright and clean and his class is learning quickly.  Some, like Kritik, are tired and he may not be sleeping well.
I am very pleased with Prastav's efforts and he seems to have some enthusiastic dancers.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

More dancing in BFCC

More Dancing in BFCC.  Prastav has started teaching dance to the younger girls and boys.  Netra's photos show the children have learnt the dances very quickly.  It is great therapy to distract the children from their fear of the earthquake.  Prastav is doing a wonderful job.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Developments around Kopan during the last month

It is two months since the earthquake and life is still very difficult.  We were lucky that BFCC was not damaged too much. There were a few cracks, but they have been patched.  The new upstairs room is still standing and we have added a fence to prevent the children falling onto the street below.  The electrician has installed the wiring.
People still have to collect water and the local committee has built a large underground tank which will fill during the Monsoon.
Waiting in line for water.  Just put the container in the line and return to fill it later

Putting up the railing at BFCC.  This is near the back of the building and you can see the stairs which go up beside the toilet

Electrician at work in the upstairs room

People who have come into the fringes of Kathmandu and are camped in the forest at Ghorkana.  They are being helped by the government, but Netra was buying water for them.
They will be living in tents until it is safe to return home to their village
The children are going to a school nearby.  It was organized by a charity.
children from the Ghorkana Camp walking to school
tents in the Gorkana Camp

New Science equipment being demonstrated at Yagamati School.  The Government is trying to introduce Science teaching into all schools, but the equipment is rather expensive

Monday, June 29, 2015

It is two months since the first earthquake and the tremors are continuing.  The children have returned to school, but classrooms at some schools are crowded.  The children at Yagamati School have two shifts, so there is time for activities at BFCC.  The children are happy to be at the centre on Saturdays.  There are music classes and Prastav has taken over the role of dance teacher for the younger children.  Rick Chong from Australia visited one day for a chat.  Letters have been written to children in Australia and hopefully this will continue as a friendship.The Rotary Club of Pashupati held a special meeting to pay school fees.
Music teacher with a large class

Rita working with the children on Saturday morning

Writing letters to friends in Australia

Rick Chong talking to  the children

Rotary visit to BFCC

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Distribution of help to earthquake victims

It is several weeks since the last update.  The second earthquake created a sense of despair throughout Nepal, but the Nepali people have organized self help groups.  There is general suspicion of the government and officials which is fueled by the media and the discovery of some misappropriation of donated goods.Netra has formed his own self help group and this week he has
Collecting tin in Kangel

Tin, for collection, beside the road

Ma recording the distribution of tin

tarpaulin shelter for the woman with her little baby

Tarpaulin to provide shelter
gone out to Kangel, his village in the Solu Khumbu, and with the help of some local officials he has distributed tin roofing.  According to Netra - "I was bit popular people are very happy with me".  This was because he had already organized the distribution of goods before the politician and government officials arrived to carry out a survey.  I assume they flew in by helicopter.  Netra has been using the advice of local people who know the area.
Netra has also made sure the people around BFCC in Kopan have been helped.  He bought tarpaulins and food for people who needed help. I think the money we have raised has been put to good use.

There was a sizable donation from Trinity Grammar School (Kew) and we are hoping to set up a relationship with the School - fund raising and friendship.
Since April 25, I have been overwhelmed by the generousity of all sorts of people who have given personal donations or worked with friends to raise money.  So far our money is getting through to the people who need it and we can see it being used to buy useful materials.
The effects of the earthquake will be felt for many years, but we can help to build a better future for our friends in Nepal.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Netra has just sent through some more photos which show some of the personal difficulties.  The lady who had the premature baby was unable to find her family back in the village so has returned to Kathmandu.  The other mother does not have enough food.
The group is with Teresa and we are now using a loan from Teresa to pay for the food parcels.  Our money still has not arrived.
A newly arrived baby.

Teresa with the group and their food parcels

Another mother and baby in dire need of food